Plaspiline Rope Clamps

Plaspiline Rope Clamps


Rope ClampThe Plaspiline Rope Clamp has been in use for nearly 20 years.They are made from acetal resin which is light weight, yet strong and durable.

Plaspiline Rope Clamps are suitable for:

  • Agricultural covers
  • Recreational covers
  • Boat covers
  • Truck tarpaulins
  • Pool covers

The advantages of Plaspiline Rope Clamps include:

  • No point loads on the edge of the cover.
  • Load is distributed along the edge of the cover.
  • Plaspiline rope clamps can be relocated at any time.
  • Re-usable. If the cover is┬ádiscarded the Plaspilinr Rope Clamps can be removed and re-used.
  • Suitable for emergency repairs. Even if the cover is torn a Plaspiline Rope Clamp can be used by rolling the cover around a piece of cord.